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"Move It or Lose It"

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A Mobility Webinar for Food and Beverage Industries

  • The financial impact of a food recall can easily reach $30 million per event (Grocery Manufacturers Association). Can you handle the effect on your bottom line, which includes lost sales and the damage to your brand?
  • Increasing the mobility in your workforce can create the equivalent of one extra hour per worker per shift. What would you do with the “found” manpower?

Cal-Sierra Technologies recently partnered with Zebra to discuss the processes that
could be chipping away at your profitability.

Whether you cultivate, process, package, distribute, or sell food and beverages, this
one-hour webinar addresses critical, industry-specific challenges and opportunities:

  • Tightening supply chain traceability: Where are the blind spots?
  • Choosing and using mobile technology: Can consumer-grade devices do the  job of enterprise-class handhelds and tablets?
  • The ROI on mobile printing: What is it costing you to rely on a central  printing station?
  • Plug the profitability leaks in your route accounting/DSD process: What are  shortages, errors, and inefficiencies costing you?

Download the webinar recording and share the
valuable insights with your colleagues.


To discover how enterprise-class mobile devices stack up against the total cost of  ownership of consumer devices for your workforce, download “Putting Real Numbers Behind Mobile Device TCO”.

Leverage Mobile Printers to Streamline Route Accounting and DSD Operations

Automating route activity provides benefits both in the field and in the office by reducing the labor and time needed to enter data and process paperwork.

Improve Route Accounting and DSD Cost-Effectiveness with Mobility Technology

Companies of all types and sizes are realizing the benefits that mobility technology can deliver to their enterprise.


Put simply, the mobile devices you choose will determine the return on investment (ROI) in your mobility strategy.

Consumer Versus Enterprise

This paper presents a brief executive summary (backup data available upon request) of issues surfaced by customers attempting to use consumer devices in enterprise applications.

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